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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Projects in Albany, Buffalo & Rochester, NY

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Rochester, N.Y. 

…¬†we will assign an experienced Project Manager to coordinate and complete your job on time and within budget, for projects with a minimum equipment purchase of $50,000. This includes working with your design team to purchase the proper, specified commercial kitchen equipment for your kitchen and service areas. Procurement of the equipment is purchased at a competitive price based on leveraging our volume. Throughout the project, the BHS Project Manager will be communicating directly with the owner or the owner’s representative.

The Project Manager will also coordinate storage of product, if needed, in one of our warehouses, where the equipment will be received and checked for freight damage. We will then coordinate a specified installation date where the equipment will be set in place for final connections by the trades. Start-up of the new equipment will also be scheduled.


Buffalo NY Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Rochester, N.Y.





Commercial Kitchen Equipment in Albany, Buffalo & Rochester, NY

Delivery and Installation Crews





Finished Kitchen at Fox Run

We Can Deliver And Install Any Piece Of Equipment
From A Single Piece To A Full Operation


Commercial Kitchen Equipment Albany, N.Y.

Different customers have different needs and this holds true when planning receipt and delivery of your order. Some clients prefer that Buffalo Hotel Supply warehouse their frequently used standard items, other request that the goods be shipped directly from the manufacturers to their final destination. We can also stage jobs for projects such as a new school kitchen or restaurant installation. Having our own warehouses in Albany, Buffalo and Rochester, combined with manufacturing contacts all across America, BHS has the resources, size and flexibility to do it all in meeting your objectives.

Delivery and Installation

Rochester NY Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Our firm maintains a fleet of trucks and vans, supplemented by local and national carriers, to deliver your merchandise on a timely basis. In this era of immediate need, we can provide overnight shipping when requested. We also maintain our own staff of installation professionals to deliver and set in place the food service equipment you need. From a single piece to the complex million dollar food service project, call on BHS to deliver and install.

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